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Taking care of your staff is key in reaching organizational goals and reducing turnover. Connect with Urban Magick to find out how meditation and stress management can support your organization.


Whether you seek to expand and improve your stress management methods or you would like to learn deep metaphysical teachings, Urban Magick will support you on your path.

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If you would like to try meditation coaching, classes, or healing sessions send us a note with a bit about you. We look forward to connecting with you.

What can Urban Magick do for you?

Stress management has a large impact on our lives. Urban Magick uses a combination of modern coaching techniques as well as ancient relaxation and meditation practices to assist you in living a more calm and joyful life. Beyond simply surviving, Urban Magick can partner with you to help you to thrive and to live in alignment with our dreams and desires.

Meditation Classes
Many people are now familiar with the benefits of meditation such as: physical health, mental clarity, and emotional relaxation. All of us can use relief from the stresses and strains of everyday life. There are many types of meditation and it may be difficult to decide which type is best for you. Seeking serenity through meditation does not itself need to become another chore!

Our meditation coaching will help you to discover which method of meditation fits in best with your lifestyle and personality, so that you can utilize the meditation methods and that will benefit you most. We specialize in adjusting meditation techniques to your particular needs and comfort level.

Healing Sessions
At Urban Magick we know how important the ability to self-heal is, as support for when you have undergone physical or emotional trauma and also when you are dealing with an active disease process. Our healing sessions compliment modern medicine and alternative therapies in order to help you incorporate healing into your daily life. We can show you how to use your own inner resources to help stave off stress-related illness and to promote recovery and healing. We have several types of healing sessions available, including:

Crystal Healing and Relaxation
Crystals used in healing illuminate your pathway and amplify self-healing potential while connecting you with the earth’s abundant energy. Work with our talented practitioners as they use ancient knowledge and techniques to direct energies using the power of crystals to move you towards peace while helping you feel refreshed and focused.
Our clients report that these sessions leave them feeling more intensely alive and prepared for handling life’s challenges.

Reiki Healing
There are many kinds of Reiki healing techniques based on the principle that the therapist can guide and enhance divine life-force energy flowing into the client by means of precise techniques. All Reiki techniques work to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and energy structure to support balance and to help restore physical and emotional well-being. Clients report feeling calm, relaxed, and also often report a reduction of symptoms such as stress and pain. Reiki sessions assist spiritual healing by promoting balance throughout your system. Reiki healing does not involve hands-on manipulation, but works through subtle vibrations that surround the body. As a client, you simply relax on a massage table or chair, with comfortable blankets and pillows as you receive the Reiki treatment. Some people feel warm, tingling, and relaxation while they receive the treatments. You will leave the session feeling refreshed.

Aura Cleansing Sessions
The purpose of an aura cleansing session is to purify your being through the use of light, removing any negative energy from your own personal atmosphere. This service includes cord-cutting, a process designed to release you from any negative attachments that prevent you from moving forward in your life – particularly after you have suffered a setback – such as a serious argument, a break-up, or a job loss. The purification of an aura cleansing session can accelerate your progress enormously, accomplishing in a single session what might otherwise take years.