Full Aura Purification

Be free of old unneeded energies from the past. This purification ceremony removes blockages that keep you from being present and “in the driver’s seat” of your life.

This method of aura purification has been kept pure in the lineage of King Salomon for more than 3,000 years. When you receive this cleansing, it goes beyond the earthly energies (earth, water, air, and fire) available in shamanic modalities. This modality addresses the energies of all layers of your being, including the universal and celestial energies that connect us to all aspects of the divine.

The first part of this session removes the negative energy from you. Negative energy can come from our own thoughts and actions and also from our experiences in the environment. Sometimes we might feel that we are receiving ill wishes or obsessive attention from another person (such as an ex-partner); this sort of energy can affect how we are in the world and can cause us to feel drained. After this service, recipients report feeling lighter and more free.

Once we have cleared away the interference from outside sources (such as other people’s projections or negative thoughts), you can move forward with life on your own terms, consciously choosing how to use your energy and connect to others in healthy ways.

For the final step of this session, you will be bathed with beautiful healing energy, clearing out any remaining negative energies that may have become stuck in your aura over time. These foreign energies can leave one feeling drained or “foggy.” This clearing leaves you with a refreshing feeling of lightness and calm.

This session is appropriate for everyone, and we recommend receiving it on a periodic basis. This work is especially helpful to anyone experiencing a break-up, unhealthy relationship, or divorce; a transition in life such as a move or career shift; or recent death of a loved one.

Once your old cords and attachments are cut away using this process, you can choose how to reconnect with those who are important to you! You can establish your desired relationships in a new and more balanced way.

If you are in the service industry (you work with clients or patients, for example), it is very supportive to receive this session regularly. Some professions which especially benefit from this work include: yoga instructors, personal trainers, massage therapists and other physical healers, mental health therapists, psychologists, physicians, nurses, hair stylists, aestheticians, bartenders, and wait staff.

Investment: $175