Soul Retrieval

Do you feel foggy? Detached? Out-of-touch with a part of yourself – or maybe very emotional? We can each react to stressful events in our lives in ways that fragment parts of our inner selves. This can lead to feelings of disconnection as well as accumulating unprocessed and stored feelings. Coping mechanisms function to try and keep us feeling safe, but the result can leave us feeling tired, drained, unfocused, and unable to fully access joy.

With the help of a soul retrieval, we can reintegrate all of these fragments and enjoy a feeling of wholeness and peace. This allows us to be more present and effective in our lives, restoring clarity, connection, and a sense of purpose.

Many Shamanic traditions include a soul retrieval as part of the healing work. This soul retrieval from the Hermetic tradition is a bit different and is handed down through the lineage of King Salomon.

This is a very gentle two-hour session and facilitates reintegration of parts of ourselves that may have become compartmentalized. You will be guided into a relaxed state and we will recover the misplaced fragments, lovingly assisting them back to balance.

This session is very calm and relaxing; you relax while laying down with comfortable blankets and simply receive the gentle healing energy. Recipients report feeling more relaxed, calm, clear, and supported after the session.

Investment: $300