Meditation Coaching San Diego

Meditation Coaching San Diego

In the United States, meditation was once considered to be “far out;” now, many prominent medical institutions have produced research showing the broad benefits of meditation, including assisting us with reducing stress-related illness. Famous and successful coached recommend meditation as a tool for their clients.  However, meditation can sometimes feel challenging. There are many styles and traditions – how do you know which kind is right for you? How can you adjust your technique if you are not achieving the results you desire? What is the best way to begin or maintain a practice?  Enjoy our meditation coaching San Diego sessions.

If you have wondered about the benefits of meditation, and maybe tried a few styles of meditation, but not found one that works for you, meditation coaching can be a great way to explore different techniques and also receive feedback and instruction from someone who has been meditating for 30 years. With a combination of coaching techniques as well as certification to lead several styles of meditation, Urban Magick has many options for you to try! Meditation coaching will lead you through all of the aspects of meditation so that you can develop a practice that supports you and feels good, as well as a style that fits with your life.

Private Meditation Coaching

Private meditation coaching can be a helpful and supportive way for you to integrate the benefits of meditation into your life – including relaxation, better mental clarity, and more general ease. Some people come in for one 1.5-hour session and leave with a plan for their own practice. Others chose to come in weekly for their own private meditation sessions to assist them with their practice over time.

Investment: $850 for a ten-session package

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We offer private coaching in beginning as well as advanced meditation techniques including connecting with the higher self and astral travel. Whatever support or help you need in creating a sustainable meditative practice for yourself, we are here to help! Contact us at 619-383-2485