Higher Self Workshop – Sanctuary Meditation

Do you have a reliable relationship with your intuition? Would you like to enjoy more mental clarity? Are you ready to have a clear connection with your higher guidance? Join us for Sanctuary Meditation!

Urban Magick offers the Sanctuary Meditation Technique as handed down in the Salomonic Mystery School tradition for thousands of years. Sanctuary Meditation serves as a foundation for meditative practice and spiritual progression.

Your Sanctuary is the place to cultivate your own personal power and intuition. It is a special space through which you can consciously meet and connect with your higher self. Your higher self is the voice of your spiritual nature and can provide great peace, insight, confidence, and well-being.

As you practice using this ancient and proven technique, you will gain access to clearer, higher guidance for yourself as well as the ability to relax deeply and empty your mind. With practice, you will be able to “drop in” quickly to a deeper level of yourself and just be.

Even if you do not feel that you currently receive spiritual guidance, repeated use of this practice will build a connection so that you can refine your discernment and increase your alignment with your higher self.

This class is handed down to you in the pure tradition of the ancient lineage of King Salomon. Karla is an initiated Modern Mystery School Guide and is trained to hand this technique down to you so that you can use it for deep states of meditation on your own.

For this experience, you like to bring a journal and pen or pencil so that you can write down any information you discover. Dress in layers – you might feel warm or cool during class. We recommend that you get good sleep the night before. Take care of your nutrition the day of class so that you arrive not too hungry and not overly full. I recommend limiting caffeine for at least 5 hours prior to class. Caffeine can make it hard to shift brainwaves which is part of what we will be doing. Please also avoid chocolate prior to class; chocolate helps us ground back into the body after meditation, so it is great to have after class. I strongly advise avoiding alcohol and recreational drugs the day of class since these also interfere with brainwave activity. Come with an open mind, ready to ask questions!

Investment: $55 per class