Karla Clark

Karla Clark relocated in late 2015 to San Diego where she re-started her business Urban Magick. She had lived and worked in Seattle for fifteen years. She is a certified Healer and Teacher with the Modern Mystery School – a school of life that offers deep Kabbalistic teachings in the direct initiatory lineage of King Salomon. Karla is a Ritual Master and Guide in the lineage of King Salomon as well as an initiated Celtic Shaman and Kabbalist. Karla started her career as a research scientist and anthropologist; she bridges the fields of science and metaphysics.

Karla’s focus in working with people is to help them have more of the experience of life that they seek – more joy, more freedom, more abundance, more health, and more love. She uses a combination of meditation instruction and coaching as well as ancient, time-tested healing and empowerment techniques plus education in the lineage of King Salomon. This universal tradition is open to people from all backgrounds and is not bounded by geography. The work helps each person to deeply know their true self and live from a place of power and choice.

Karla’s gift as a teacher and healer is to listen to and connect with each person and assist them in using the practices and tools of the lineage to positively impact their life – using the most ancient, pure, and time-tested processes and knowledge to help each person live to the fullest!

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