Max Meditation System ™

Are you new to meditation? Or do you meditate every day? Is your practice somewhere in between? Max Meditation is a great experience and modality for new as well as experienced mediators. This is a relaxing and effective style of meditation made for the western mind. Come in and leave the cares of the day behind, spending time on you!

We work with the body and breath and then the mind. Many students have come to me stating that they had previous difficulties in meditation. Max Meditation ™ has allowed many people in North America, South America, and Europe to enjoy the benefits of meditation with ease. Benefits may include: more sound sleep, reduced worry, reduced stress, better ability to remain objective during times of challenge, more positive outlook, increased creativity.

Join us in our cozy and relaxing space. We sit up in chairs and sofas for this style of mediation. We recommend dressing in layers for your comfort. There is street parking available very close to the space. We provide spring water so that you can be hydrated.

As we work with the breath and the mind, some people experience a feeling of calm, some experience a dream-like vision, some experience a surge in creativity, and some feel ready for great sleep afterwards!

I hope to see you soon & feel welcome to call with questions such as our location and details.

Investment: $20 per class