Full Spirit Activation

Full Spirit Activation is a very nourishing session that helps integrate layers and components of our full being – the chakras, the spiritual function of the pituitary and pineal glands, as well as mental processes. After this session many recipients find it easier to make positive decisions in life, with more ease and flow in their days as well as more joy and more clarity.

After receiving the Life Activation, you may choose to receive the Full Spirit Activation. The two work together to uplift you and to propel you forward in fulfilling your life purpose. This activation helps us step more fully into the work we are here to do in the world.

If you are feeing scattered, out-of-sync, “out-of-it” or overstimulated, this is a great session for you. This is also a wonderful session if you are at a point in life where you would like to increase your effectiveness and reach in the world.

Enjoy a deeper connection to your soul, your purpose, and higher self – bringing the more divine and refined part of yourself more reliably into contact with your earthly self.

In this session, you will stand up while reeving some of the energies – including a balancing of the elemental energies. Then you will be seated while ancient chants are used to awaken and clear energies of your being – reminding the whole spirit of what it is here on earth to do! Many people report feeling reassured after this session, as well as feeling more clarity with decisions.

Experience more joy, wonder, and creativity with this key to helping all of us create a better world!

Investment: $247