Ensofic Ray Healing Sessions San Diego

Ensofic Ray Healing (Ensofic Reiki) Sessions San Diego

Ensofic Ray healing is original, divine creation and healing energy brought through in a pure and powerful way to adjust and balance all aspects of the being. People who are being treated for cancer, nerve damage, head injuries, or who have been hospitalized report feeling calm and in less pain after Ensofic Ray sessions. Ensofic Ray healing is only available in  San Diego with Urban Magick!

We have seen miraculous results with this style of energy healing for people with a range of complaints. Ensofic Ray is very supportive for people working through issues with physical healing and it goes well with any wellness regimen you might have since there are no possible ill side effects.

Many people experience high levels of stress in their everyday lives. Ensofic Ray sessions can help to smooth out feelings of stress in life and help us to approach our lives with more calm and balance. If you have been feeling run-down or overscheduled, it could be a good time to try Ensofic Ray and find out how it can support your stress-management regimen.

The Benefits of Ensofic Ray Healing Sessions

A series of three is an amazing re-set that benefits people of all wellness levels. If you would like to achieve a new level of wellness, or you would like to access more of your potential, or perhaps you would like to accelerate your growth on your life path, Ensofic Ray healing is for you!

Enjoy re-connecting with your authentic self and live more in a state of tranquility and clarity. These sessions help to reinstate hope, nourishing the soul and re-connecting us with divine creational energy.  This is a very relaxing session to receive- you simply relax in a chair or on a massage table, fully clothed and covered with a comfortable blanket. As you rest, the transformation occurs!

Investment: $300 per session or call for package rates for the series of three sessions

If you have questions, please feel welcome to call 619-383-2485 or contact us here to discuss Ensofic Ray Healing with us.