Isis Healing

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, run-down, overworked – just plain stressed out? In addition to actually being overscheduled and overworked, you might be leaking energy from your aura!

The Isis healing comes from the traditions of Isis in Egypt. Priestesses of Isis were trained to heal the aura in a specific way to end the leaking, and to help people stop dispersing their own energies.

This session is in the Egyptian tradition and calls in the energies of ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, including Osiris and Isis. You will sit and stand to receive the healing energies and then you will be given time to rest afterward so that you can integrate the new and refreshing healing.

Welcome the elimination of the old emotional body and the re-birth of the new. Enjoy an experience of more balance and power in life!

Investment: $300