Life Activation

Live a life of purpose and joy and experience clarity.

Life Activation is an ancient modality for empowerment and will nourish and align all of your energy so that you can live with more purpose, enthusiasm, joy, and clarity. After this session, the power of your full divine blueprint will be available to you. This upliftment makes it is easier to understand and fulfill your life purpose. Many recipients report more meaningful dreams, expanded psychic senses and easier access to joy and feeling “in the now.”  In the weeks following life activation, you may notice more synchronicity and ease in manifestation.

This session usually takes one hour and fifteen minutes. You will be standing and sitting for portions of this process. Some people report feeling tingly and meditative during this session. We recommend not consuming much caffeine prior to a session so that you can relax during the work.

This method was only available to very few select people for nearly 3,000 years. Now you need only ask and schedule an appointment and you can experience the empowerment once only offered by invitation. In the past the benefits of life activation were enjoyed by royalty, priestesses, priests, warriors, healers, and leaders selected to serve their communities. Now, each of us must bring our gifts to the world in order to shift the way we as humans live with one another and our environment. Enjoy this session and live your most powerful life!

Investment: $247