Affirmation Ceremony – Seven Layer Aura Balancing

This Aura healing clears out the blocks that get in the way of physically manifesting what you desire in life. The seven layers of the aura are the vehicle for connecting the core of who you are to the physical and, if you are like most people, they could use a “tune-up and an oil change.” The healing cleans, balances, and renews all seven layers of the aura so that the full brilliance of who you are can truly shine.

We will use sacred geometries (pyramid, cube, sphere) and Egyptian archetypes for a powerful healing session to clear and balance seven layers of the aura. This is an effective modality to reconnect with who you truly are and your ability to manifest in the physical world, this session is designed to provide clarity and enhance joy.

Benefits include:

  • Clears emotional build-up from the aura
  • Helpful for aiding in transitions
  • Reconnects you with your divinity
  • More energy and more joy in your everyday experience

You will be supported in affirming your personal mission at the end of the session in order to help your dreams become reality.

This is a very relaxing session and the results ripple out in life for many months.

Investment: $300