Practical Sacred Geometry – Sacred Geometry 1

Have you ever wished to enjoy a more energetically protected space, free of external influence? Would you like to know how ancient masters created sacred space? Would you enjoy enhancing every space that you inhabit so that it will be of better service to you?

Sacred Geometry is the study of divine proportion & patterns that are fundamental to the creation of the Universe. Everything in the physical realm is created using these geometries. This class brings together theory and practical experience. You do not need to be good at math for this class and there is no prerequisite!

Sacred Geometry will give you an experience of the energies of heaven that are found in our world. In this class you will learn to:

* Awaken & invoke the powers of the three primary sacred geometries (pyramid, cube & sphere) within your body;
* Connect your mind to divine spirit by accessing the keys to Heaven with these sacred symbols;
* Activate a room or a building; increase the vibration for protection of all those within; and
* Create a temple or sacred space.

Understanding and using these patterns gives greater ability to create on earth as well as greater protection during meditation and astral travel. In understanding these geometric patterns & vibrational energies, one learns the pure language of the cosmos & gains access to universal wisdom. This class is taught with pure information from the lineage of King Salomon. We will hand you down practical tools to take home and use!
After this experiential class you will be able to protect and enhance any room that you inhabit and you will enjoy uplifted energies and protection of the spaces in your life.

Investment: $125