Empower Thyself Class and Initiation San Diego

Empower Thyself Class and Initiation – the Journey of Self Discovery – San Diego

What kind of life would you like to live? Do you desire to live an extraordinary life? Do you believe that there is something more than what you experience day to day? Would you like to see a positive shift in the world? Do you desire to fully know yourself and your life purpose? Are you curious about ancient knowledge and ways? Experience Urban Magick’s Self Discovery Classes in San Diego!

Initiation into the lineage of King Salomon boosts your capacity to use your personal power tenfold. You will also receive increased spiritual protection to aid you in your life. Learn what the masters have learned for thousands of years.  Know yourself and push the boundaries of who you are and what you think you can do. You have a unique key to help shift the world. Join us and learn the pattern to fully bring your gifts to be used for the good of all, right now.

Prepare for a transformational experience that will lead you to new levels of awareness. We teach you how to use ancient metaphysical tools to enhance your life. You will learn about the lineage of Salomon and the gifts and authority available to initiates; and you will also be handed down sacred tools of power.

Deep Kabbalistic Teachings

This class and initiation will give you access to the most powerful tool for manifestation on the planet today.  Teachings Include:

• Begin to truly understand creation and the process of creation
• Gain tools of power, including powerful rituals of protection
• Learn about the structure of human energies
• Work more closely with angelic forces and beings
• Access greater awareness, intuition, and your higher guidance
• Enjoy 10 times more energy to empower your life’s work


Initiation into the lineage of King Salomon was reserved for only a very few people for most of the last 3000 years. We have brought the lineage into the public at this time – a time when we need everyone to contribute to healing all of the systems of earth – money, health care, resource use, the environment, our relationships with each other, government systems, and more. You have a unique key to help shift the world through the gifts you have brought to share.

The Experience

This class and initiation reveal a pattern of living that will empower you to master yourself and create great change in the world. The tools are inside and within you already. This weekend immersive experience will serve to remind you and awaken this knowledge from a deep level.

Physical Initiation is one of the essential keys to manifesting your greater potential here on earth. Join us and enjoy empowerment and accelerated personal growth. This initiation gives you a huge boost on your path and is powerful for people of all backgrounds and orientations.

The experience is led in the same way as it has been done for thousands of years. We share information that is not available in books. The wisdom in this lineage is only passed down from guide to student in this sacred process.The Salomonic tradition is a universal tradition and enhances other spiritual practices. If you currently work in a shamanic lineage or belong to a spiritual community, these practices will add extra power to your practice.

Investment: $1000

Amaze yourself. Go beyond self-imposed limits. Go beyond the personality and the mind. You can create amazing things for yourself and the world if you use the appropriate tools. Contact us today for more information.