Stress Management and Meditation Services for Organizations

Work is a leading cause of stress for many thousands of people. In order to make the most of life and the work week, managing stress is key. An organization that takes care of staff is better positioned to have a healthy, engaged, and creative workforce.

Urban Magick brings you the best of ancient and time-tested meditation and stress management techniques as well as more than fifteen years of experience in operations and human resources management. We have worked with hospitals and clinics in the northwest and across the united states. We have worked with tech companies, insurance companies, and non-profits.

If you would like a speaker to discuss work-life balance, meditation, breathing techniques, reach out to us! We are happy to speak for teams and small groups and also at conferences and larger venues.

We offer packages for on-site meditation and breath work instruction as well as complete meditation coaching. We have worked with hundreds of executives and have seen amazing results from applying these practices.

Contact us to discuss ways to partner and bring more relaxation, focus, and creativity to your work environment.

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