• Dec 29 2016

Many folks I know have had health challenges that have not been effectively tamed nor balanced with modern medicine.

Modern Western medicine is great for things like infections and traumatic injury. If I have a broken bone, I’m going to a physician. I’m glad that we have advanced life-saving and surgical techniques.

For chronic issues involving pain and inflammation, I have personally found that traditional Chinese medicine works better. I’ve had great results from acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and diet modification.

I’ve also discovered interesting substances like xylitol and mannose, tree sugars that are known in natural medicine to help balance the flora in certain parts of the body in order to help one enjoy maximum health.

The hard part with natural remedies for some folks is to weed through all of the information and figure out what really works. A really helpful situation for me was to find some very well-respected providers (naturopath, acupuncturist) and work with them on a health plan. From that plan, I learned much more about how my body works in each of those systems, and then I was more able to understand if a specific remedy was working for me or not.

If you have a chronic health condition, I encourage you to find a holisitc health care provider to work with in addition to any modern medical provider you use. It is truly an empowering feeling to experience your own body healing itself independently of chemical additives!

(I am not a medical provider so pelase work with your health care provider on any needed issues! My advice does not replace the advice of a lisenced medical professional)

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