• Dec 29 2016

Let go of old stuff, old ideas, old ways of being.

Burst forth into the new world of the new you!

Letting go and leaving the past behind really is the way to let new experiences into our life.

If we constantly hold old ideas, there is no room to grow. We might feel full of blame, judgmental, even stuck. Holding tight to old opinions is a way of trying to stop time and to be “right,” – but where does it actually take us?

What could you let go of right now that will improve your experience of the world?

How can you let go?

Some of us can just decide to “drop” something, and we let it go. Some issues are deeper and might require more energy to move them.

If you’ve tried the advice from the last few courses – breathe, laugh, do what you love – and you still struggle with letting go of a past issue or stagnant idea, please contact me. I have effective, ancient rituals and ceremonies that will help to clear the cobwebs of the past from your life so that you can emerge the shiny new you that you want to be, your best self!

Cord cutting and aura purification are potent ways to release attachments and be rid of old energies.

Happy Solstice! Use this burst of solar fire to create your visions for this next trip around the sun!



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