• Dec 29 2016

We’ve had some sun by now in the Pacific Northwest. When the sun is out, so are more smiles.

We’ve all heard “fake it ‘til you make it,” and it works with smiling and mood.
If you find yourself feeling a bit frustrated or blue, smile as much as possible and notice if your mood follows.

Smiling and laughing both help to reduce our feelings of stress – they help us bond with other people and release brain chemicals that improve our mental state.

[There are times when some of us need the help of an outside person to get back in touch with our laughter (I’m talking about depression and other brain-chemical imbalances here). Please do step forward and ask for help if you are having a hard time connecting with laughter. ]

Laughing has been shown to have an inverse relationship with heart attacks! So laugh it up, de-stress, and live your life full of joy.

I provide an ancient healing called the Isis Healing, which renews the emotional body (a layer of our energy structure). This session can really re-invigorate you if you would like an emotional boost!


Urban Magick, Seattle

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