• Dec 29 2016

I think that I carb loaded enough over the past few weeks that my body did not notice at all that I didn’t really eat any carbs yesterday. I felt fine.

I ate: non-fat cottage cheese, spiced tofu, lots of steamed veggies, some sunflower seeds, lots of decaf tea and water, a beautiful salad of radishes, artichoke hearts, spinach, and a few garbanzos. mmm! I felt really satisfied by the food.

The food I really thought of the most was actually grapefruit, which I can have in two weeks! : )

A few things that went through my mind: fatty grilled cheese sandwich and a donut. But they were not serious desires.

I find that when I thought about eating, it was often to manage my energy (have more to do a project, help the afternoon slump, etc) and also to eat for fun (I love the experience of eating). So eating foods that don’t give me cravings will be liberating and help me use things like tai chi in order to manage my energy.

I’m not even hungry waking up on day 2… I think my body is happy for the rest from refined flour (my main vice – homemade biscuits and veggie gravy or pot pie, or else homemade maple-sweetened cookies!).

Here’s to a smooth day 2…

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