• Dec 29 2016

So many factors go in to creating a low-stress lifestyle that it can be challenging to whittle down the list and get started.

I’m in a wellness coaching certification program right now (I will be certified by October), and we learn about all the ways to help support people through the process of creating sustainable new wellness lifestyle. It is a very interesting and effective program, and I am personally already having positive wellness results just from being in the program!

Nutrition, movement, exercise, relaxation, meditation, breath, and creative practice are all major components of long-term wellness, and the path to wellness is different for each person. At each point in our lives, we also can have different challenges to our wellness habits – career, time constraints, stress, and family events for example.

It can be amazingly helpful and supportive to have a coach work with you in overcoming the challenges and staying committed to and engaged in a lifestyle that has you feeling your best.

If you have an area of challenge and would like to talk about ways to work through the challenge and re-establish the best wellness practice for you, please contact me. We can have tea and decide what would help you the most at this point.

I look forward to hearing from you. Namaste!

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