• Dec 29 2016

I decided to fast today(only take in liquids such as tea, clear broth, and fiber-less fresh juice). This was because I was feeling cloudy in my mind and that my body was overloaded with food to process.

I used to fast 1 day a week or 1 day a month when I was much younger – it always brought increased energy, clarity, focus, and an increase in my perception (through my physical and psychic senses.

Fasting today helped me to realize that I have been dampening my psychic abilities with food for the past several months. Just not eating solid food today made all of my senses much more crisp and clear, and I had no decrease in energy level!

Note: I do not recommend fasting for children nor for pregnant women. Everyone else, please check with your health care provider to make sure you will be healthy while you fast. Also, fasting is best on a day when you do not have much in terms of physical or emotional demands on your schedule.

Fasting has a long history in many spiritual traditions and religions. When I started fasting in my late teens, it was because I wanted more clear results from meditation. I got them.

I have a very specific and dedicated ritual and meditation practice. However, I have been frustrated recently that my meditation & psychic abilities have not been at the level I would like for them to be.

I realize just after this one day of fasting that I have an attachment to food that has been inhibiting my spiritual progress.

I intend to reinstate my one day a week liquid fasting practice and see where it takes me! I will keep you posted.

Another few reasons to fast (if you can tolerate it) is solidarity with people across the world who are hungry. Many millions of people go without food each day, resulting in death for an estimated 30,000 children per DAY.

For me to not eat for one day per week, it would save over 88,000 calories from being consumed by me per year…though I know me not eating does not directly translate into someone else getting food, at least there would be a saving of resources and less waste from the transport & packaging of that food.

Fasting also lengthens life and supports health and wellbeing. There are many studies that demonstrate these benefits.

Be well, and let me know of your experiences if you decide to try fasting.

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