• Dec 29 2016

I just had a birthday, my own personal new year, and realized I had been stuck in a few ruts – a food rut and some ideological ruts.

I am now committed to implementing intentional positive change to shake up my life and add spice to my experience while optimizing my entire being.

Good stuff I have in my life:
* awesome house full of awesome people
* good meditation & ritual practice
* determination & discipline
* not any really unhealthy habits (no fast food, etc)
* creativity
* general health
* basic format of my life is aligned with my values

What I wish to optimize:
* physical discipline, including food & martial arts/ tai chi
* communication with others (more social time and deeper connections)
* deepen my meditation & ritual practice
* more creative output (film, writing, etc)
* more students….

This week, part I is food optimization. I will post more as I work on this.

Be the change we want to see!!! Including the small details of how we live our lives.


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