• Dec 29 2016

Being a modern urban person with a modern urban lifestyle can really disconnect one from nature.

Schedules, alarms, phones, computers, internet, email, mental lists, street lights, traffic, car noise …wow! So many stimuli encroach on us every minute – it’s amazing that we can focus on anything…

To balance all of this, I find it necessary to really get out and be with nature as often as I can. I’d love to be able to do this in a big way every week, and my reality is that I can usually get out of town about once a month.

Yesterday, we went snow tubing at Snoqualmie pass. Granted, it is not 100% nature – it is nature in the context of a man-made environment. I was able to see a bird of prey, the mountains, snow, clouds, and trees. I was able to stay comfortable in my snow gear, and the weather was perfect – we had bits of sun shining through the clouds. It was about 42 degrees. I also enjoyed the sensations of sun and wind on my face, and the effort of repeatedly climbing a steep, crunchy-snow-covered hill, and then the exhilaration of whizzing down a tube run really fast. Nice!

I had five friends and family members with me, including four folks under the age of 14. It is so fun to share this kind of experience with others. Ahhh!

I felt completely refreshed after this relatively short stint in a more natural environment. Do you have time in your life for a refreshing visit with nature?

A big part of making magick in my own life is being able to connect with elements in nature, and to use that connection ot balance and heal myself so that I can help others. I do this through meditaiton, ritual, visualization, and walking in more natural environments such as wooded parks and paths by Puget Sound.

If you’d like to learn ways to connect with nature in your environemt and within yourself, pelase call me – I would love to work with you on having a more joyful, magickal life!

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