• Dec 29 2016

Still feeling any leftover inertia from the winter? Want to get yourself to the best place (mentally, emotionally, physically) to really rock out in your life?

Then take this spring and summer refresher course.

Tap into the light, cleansing energy available to us in spring and summer to flush out any old energies from the past that no longer serve you.


With ancient and effective methods used by 1000s of people for 1000s of years to shift their energies!

This series will introduce to you a variety of healing and stress management modalities (including relaxation sessions, supportive breath, meditation, and more!).

Soon, I will collaborate with an awesome guest blogger/ business coach to offer you the best in Business Coaching combined with my specialty: Ancient Energy Work Modalities – the pairing will really help you overcome obstacles, tame feelings of overwhelm, and propel you to a new level of calm and focus.

So if you would like to feel calm in the face of stress and feel 100% on top of your game, stay tuned here on the Magickal Blog for a new kind of empowering summer school – the spring and summer refresher!

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