• Dec 29 2016

Take a sec…Breathe!

The foundation of stress management is breathing. Breath is also the foundation of meditation. Without proper breath to support us in life, days can feel stressful. We are more likely to find ourselves in a place of reaction instead of observation if our breath is shallow or fast.

A simple few things to do:

The fist thing to do is to become aware. In moments when you are feeling stress or overwhelm, notice what your breath is doing.
Deepen your breath – really draw your breath deep into your belly on the in-breath and push the air out on the out-breath. This will help bring new inspiration and release stagnant patterns.
Using cleansing breath is a way to help you let go of the past and release attachments. Explore a few types of cleansing breath and see what works for you.

If you find you are holding your breath, or not breathing regularly enough to support yourself – let’s have tea. We can design a breath-awareness plan to help you maintain a supportive breath and enjoy a more relaxed life.

In peace,

* Note – I provide relaxing crystal healing sessions that can help you be more in touch with your breath pattern.

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