• Dec 29 2016

I have been resisting the alkaline body idea for years.

I love carbs! I love pastries!

And I am finally at the point in my emotional and spiritual development where I need to lay down my security blanket of baked goods and move into sustainable health.

Many people have never encountered the idea of an alkaline body. There is a lot of info on the internet to find. Essentially, the Western diet – meats combined with starches, excess sugar, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, and all the other additives we eat – all create lots of acidic metabolic byproducts, which cause destruction of our organs over time and are what cause illness and disease in humans according to this theory.

I have been having problems relating to my body being overly acidic for more than a year, yet my attachment to certain foods (cookies! chocolate!) has been keeping me from embracing my full health.

I spent the last two weeks alkalinizing my body the healthy way – eating lots of raw, kale-based salads, avoiding all refined carbs (no breads, pasta, pastries), eating beans and nuts and vegan soups. I had changed my urine pH from 5.0 (which was irritating my kidneys and causing other problems) to a 7.2, which felt really healthy.

I gave my self some “treats” over the weekend -fruit-sweetened chocolate, organic Indian food – and the level of starch in these items, along with the acidifying nature of the chocolate, got me right back to feeling gross and having a 5.0 pH. So I know that this is something I need to deal with for my own quality of life and health. Grr, only a few cookies once every 3 months or so for me….

The good thing is that once the body is alkaline, acidifying foods don’t taste as good. I was less attracted to meat, chocolate, and bread, which was nice. Coffee now smells pretty poisonous to me, so staying on the path of health is easier.

If you have stubborn health problems that Western medicine is not able to cure, please consider seeing a naturopath as your health care provider and asking them about alkalinizing your body. It might be just what you are looking for on your path to wellness!

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