• Dec 29 2016

I was fortunate and was invited to a contact improv dance party on New Years’ Eve in San Francisco. I’d never done contact improve before. It was really interesting and fun. It was a drug- and alcohol-free event sponsored by CIRF (, held at CounterPulse in SF.

Over the past year, I had some medical challenges, so I was not accessing the usual amount of motion (dance, exercise, etc) that I enjoy, and I was not cuddling with anyone nor was I availing myself of massage as often as I would have liked. These all had detrimental effects on my body and mood. I know that I feel better and more cared for if I have cuddle time with people I care about. I also have better muscle tone if I have more contact and more massage. My muscles have wasted away a bit – not good!

This year, I’m getting back into a regular exercise pattern as well as taking care of myself by having regular massages and I’m also going to investigate contact improv here in Seattle – I felt like I had a full body massage after participating. Great health benefit for a night of fun!

Be well and please care for your emotion and touch needs in order to stay healthy and strong. : )

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